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Ato Living
The Art of Staying

ATO LIVING takes hospitality into a new dimension. Artistic creations and exclusive locations intertwine to take on new meanings. Hospitality and wellbeing are enhanced within evocative contexts.
ATO LIVING, experiencing the city becomes an artwork.

The Project

«Art is the act of creating a suggestive magic containing both the object and the subject, the world external to the artist and the artist himself or herself.»
(Charles Baudelaire)

At ATO LIVING art unbinds and redefines the concept of staying. Artworks are truly embodied into the design and make every single room unique. Intimately connected to the city’s artistic context, original and promising art pieces let guests breathing art during the full stay.

Esperienze Abitative


A fully furnished 100 sqm Venetian style apartment with 2 bedrooms, a living room and a cozy kitchen in the heart of Venice.

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